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We live in a culture that promotes unhealthy perceptions of the human body and overall health and wellness. We are surrounded by crash diets, get-fit-quick pills, and other “solutions” that promise fast results, which, in reality, will never last. Having overcome their own issues with body image and expectations, these perceptions are what the founders of Ground Up Training aim to change. We help our clients reach their goals by using exercise progressions based on each individual, creating more realistic and sustainable health habits, and providing supportive coaching to ensure better long-lasting results

The team

Daniel Bowles - Co-Founder

NASM Certified Trainer

Like many people, my fitness journey started with wanting to change my body. Throughout my life I’ve always perceived myself as weak and scrawny; one day I decided I was gonna do something about it. I joined a gym and my life totally changed. Strength training seemed to draw a confidence out of me that was always missing and, after a year of working out, I decided I wanted to gift what I had learned to others. Not just the physical benefits, but the psychological and emotional benefits as well. Over the years, I have encountered many clients with different functional issues I had never experienced before, which forced me to look outside of my bodybuilding programming. 


I started studying kinesiology and corrective exercise techniques to better learn how the body functions. Now, with my greater understanding of the body, I focus on what the client wants while incorporating what the clients needs for their body to function properly. 


My training programs not only yield visible results, but will also help increase, confidence, brain function, and mobility. 

My interests in fitness started out when I was in my senior year of high school. I was your typical angry, overweight (pushing 200 lbs), teen. I forget what made me flip the switch, but I bought my self a cheap weight set from Sears and it turned into the first step of many that lead me to where I am today. Sometime after that I found a local martial arts school where I learned that I had a love of not only fitness, but also martial arts.


Through martial arts I learned their was more to health and fitness than just lifting weights. I leaned about movement, functionality, and how much the mind can effect your health. I started teaching classes and I realized  how much I enjoyed having an impact on people's lives and helping them understand and utilize their body's potential. I decided that I wanted to help others who found themselves with similar struggles to my own, so I obtained my training certification, quit a full time job I hated, and went all in to bettering the lives of others through health and fitness. 

I use my background in martial arts and strength training to help my clients obtain the fitness goals they desire, as well as feel more confident in themselves (and maybe learn to kick some butt). 

Guy Nanni - Co-Founder

ISSA Certified Trainer